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We are in the heart of the central area of the city of Puno, a few minutes from the main tourist attractions: Lake Titicaca, where today our visitors have the feeling of going back in time and feel an unforgettable experience when visiting, Incluid kitchen

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For this, we recommend staying in our 9 rooms in a Casona of yesteryear with all its charm, from matrimonial / single rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, five rooms and kitchen. The punohostels are located in

Jirón Puno 124, Puno – Perú

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We have to offer all visitors in punohostels in their consideration assuming the new administration in 2018 with wide and varied rooms all comfortable excelling our slogan of family welcome providing total security, cleanliness, punctuality

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Guíde of city Puno – 2018


Festivals and legends on the edge of Titicaca

Located on the Andean plateau of Peru, the Puno region is dominated by Lake Titicaca, sacred place of the Incas and home to natural and artificial islands. Among the many destinations, there are pre-Hispanic archaeological sites with circular constructions that still go by their original name of “chullpas”. Puno’s churches are characterized by their distinctive colonial architecture. Its inhabitants are proud of their Quechua and Aymara past, and their folkloric tradition that can be seen every year in the form of dances and rituals during the Candelaria festival. Puno is a legend, a multicolored festival, and home to natural and artificial islands.

Puno is a legend, a multicolored festival, and home to natural and artificial islands.

Location: Located in the mountainous south of Peru, it shares a border with Bolivia. The land is more or less flat, because much of it is on the Collao plateau.

Size: 71,999 km2 (27,799 sq.miles).

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