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Chucuito is a small town in the province of Puno, located about 18 km from the city of Puno on the edge of the road Desaguadero and La Paz (Bolivia). It is located at 3,875 meters above sea level.

The population is 7 913 inhabitants

It is one of the most beautiful of the towns located on the shores of Lake Titicaca because of the geographical position and views offered from the Apus as the Auqui, Quechua word

Pick up and transfer from your punohostels to Chucuito, Place of the dancers and romantic couples visit. Because of its location it has a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca


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The first thing coming to visit Chucuito is the Temple of Fertility. It is known that the Inca Uyo was a temple to the fertility where nature thanked for the miracle of human reproduction, and to the Pachamama or Mother Earth.

The Inka Uyo has been built in the city of the royal treasury, where some people go who cannot shine for various reasons, then visit the Iglesia de Chucuito showing the beauty of its construction from the side entrance, composed of columns and arches, is considered by some researchers as one of the best in the region and an outstanding example of Renaissance Peruvian colonial architecture., the Solar Clock in the center of the main square. The sundial Chucuito is of great importance.

Something that gives personality to the people, is the clock Huamanga stone, rectangular in shape, in the upper and central part has a needle that marks the hours as the sun moves. Finally transfer to fish farming.

Return to the city of Puno and transfer to your hotel. Our half-day tour.

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VISIT Inka huyo (temple of fertility), Plaza de Armas, Chucuito, solar clock, lookout point
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